Fall 2018

—custom cedar wrapped poles—

These custom built cedar wrapped columns are simple enough in design but we pride ourselves on good communication and ultimately this is what made this job cruise.  


It's all in the details and it is amazing how the eye knows when three more inches plus or minus is necessary.  Case in point, the detail work at the top of these columns were initially just a bit too shallow (see last image in the gallery below) and the simple iPhone rendering we received from the homeowner along with a few photos they screenshot and sent our way allowed us to keep moving without any delay.  Sometimes what "we" want can't be fully determined until it has been rendered in real life at which point adjustments can be tweaked.  Hence where solid communication comes into play and we have learned that is ultimately where success lies, in addition to solid artisan construction.  :) 

With so many ways to communicate these days, be it in person, by phone, photos, emails and text, there is no reason communication should faulter, not if everyone is doing their job.

The Process:

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