Fall 2018/Spring 2019

—custom Hood & Cabinet Install—

With this project the homeowners hadn't fully dialed in on how they were going to finish their hood design.  With our help and expertise in custom building we suggested designing a custom frame around their hood that we would wrap in sheetrock for a very clean look.  Additionally we sub-contracted the sheetrock, painting, installation of the Carrara marble and quarts counter tops to bring the rest of their kitchen into its finished stages.  

We installed the majority of the cabinets and sub-contracted a little help towards the end.  We are not shy to ask for assistance if we feel someone else can do better through their years of experience in specific work.  Nor are we shy in giving credit where credit is due.  

This kitchen is gorgeous and the hood as large as it is (48"wide!) doesn't take front and center as one may think it would or could.  It falls away and lets the rest of the kitchen sing, while it hums in the background.  We are proud our suggestion allows the rest of the kitchen design to shine as bright as the light that enters it.  

This residential Whidbey Island Kitchen is actually a relatively small space made to feel large with its big windows, no bulky fridge stealing the show and slim island running down the middle.  Additionally the two tone cabinets help anchor it while letting it float all at the same time.  Another win win in design.  

The Process:

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